Jaya Musical Group, Madison WI, Ananda Marga, Chants, MusicJaya is a Madison based group of musicians known for their subtle, uplifting blend of voice, guitar, harmonium, dulcimer, and percussion. Their members, Velga Dunis, Sumner Matteson, Jim Powell and Beth Wortzel met through Ananda Marga of Madison and began playing together informally at meditation circles, retreats and weddings. In 1986 they decided to produce their first album. It was at that time that they chose the name, JAYA, which means spiritual victory. They have produced 8 more albums since then. In 2005, Maria Brandl joined them as percussionist. They lead kirtan regularly at various locations in Madison and hold concerts of their original songs and chants. Jaya's music has been influenced by folk music and Eastern devotional chants, but can not be described by either of these.

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Additional Youtube videos of some of Jaya's songs and chants can be found there for sampling the albums below and more.

Music Recordings by Jaya

Jaya's CDs may be purchased online or locally at Mimosa Books & Gifts in downtown Madison.   CD's may also be purchased online though Innersong and songs purchased through iTunes.

Jaya Dance in Ectasy Music CD Dance in Ecstasy This is a stunning album of rich vocals woven through some exceptional instrumentals, six different versions of the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra with a very high studio production. Baba Nam Kevalam is a Sanskrit mantra meaning "Love is All There Is". Traditional Jaya sound , a lovely collection of kiirtan tunes. Mantra music (also called kiirtan) is the ancient practice of singing a highly vibrated phrase for spiritual upliftment, healing and creating a positive vibrations. Below is a link to one of the tunes on this album.


Live From Gates of Heaven Music CDLive from the Gates of Heaven In April, 1997, a circle of mantra chanters gathered at the Gates of Heaven synagogue in Madison, Wisconsin, the fourth oldest remaining synagogue in the United States. The album is a collection of traditional mantras with original melodies and arrangements by Jaya.

Jaya Rain of Grace Music CDRain of Grace An album of sweet and uplifting devotional songs with rich instrumental backgrounds. The sound is both sweetly and subtly uplifting in the best of the new age music tradition. The balance of heaven-bound and earth-bound spirit is the hallmark of Jaya's music.

Jaya Shelter of Your Heart Music CDShelter For Your Heart Designed to invoke the healing power of love. Those who are drawn to the use of intention and affirmation for their effect on personal and spiritual transformation will find this album powerful. The design of this album invites listeners into a state of deep peace and serenity. By evoking such qualities as compassion and loving-kindness, the heart of healing that is within each person is brought forth for the good of all.