Mantra, Sound Wave and Breath

Mantra, sound wave and breath
Mantra meditation expands the mental wave of the individual mind until it is linked with the pure Supreme Consciousness (Parama Purus’a). The vibration of the mantra entrains the dissonant mind waves to synch in harmony with the cosmic wave of the cosmic mind. The result is peace and realization of one’s true divine nature. According to yoga, the entire universe is composed of vibration resulting from the expression of that pure consciousness which is beyond vibration.

There is an emerging hypothesis in physics called “string theory”. This includes the idea that the fundamental building blocks of atomic particles are strings of vibration. These strings are analogous to vibrating violin notes with all of their ensuing harmonics; hence the universe is sound at its most fundamental level.

In yoga, sound is the link between the manifest and un-manifest. Matter, mind and consciousness are all on a continuum of vibration from most dense to most refined vibration and they are all linked by sound. Mantra is one such sound that has this power of linking crude mind to subtle mind.

Certain mantras called siddha mantras are particularly potent “holograms of consciousness”. They are not just words or sounds but actually are empowered with spiritual consciousness.

The mantra, resonating in the deep recesses of the mind, rides the waves of the flow of breath, reverberating with the subtle energy, the pra’n’a force. The mantra’s wave, just like the ripples from a stone thrown in the water, flows across the boundaries of the mind. Its repetition, its pulse, in the sub-conscious mind extends its waves to both the conscious and transpersonal super-conscious mind. Just as a tuning fork, when struck, vibrates the corresponding note of a guitar string that it is near, so does the mantra vibrate the spiritual realms deep within the super-conscious mind.

The mantra’s continued repetition over time, like water over rough rock, gradually “smoothes” the turbulence and harshness of the individual mind until it can become a clear reflection of the transcendent state of spiritual being. This state is beyond the relativity of time; it is unchanging, pure blissful consciousness (satchida’nanda).