Tantra Yoga

Ananda Marga of Madison Tantra YogaThe spiritual practices we teach are based in the ancient spiritual science of tantra yoga. The word “yoga” means “union” and refers to the union of one’s individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness. The practice of yoga consists of following moral principles, meditation, and postures for better health and mental balance.

The word “tantra” has two meanings: “that which liberates from crudeness” and “that which leads to expansion.” Tantra’s emphasis is on practical and potent tools for spiritual transformation. In fact, any process of spiritual work that brings one toward one’s true, divine nature is tantra.

This yoga system emphasizes three approaches to self-realization, the goal of yoga. These are called “karma”, “jnana” and “bhakti” in Sanskrit. Karma yoga is the yoga of action or service to the less fortunate members of society as well as to the natural world. Jnana yoga emphasizes the process of elevating the mind through meditation practices and study. Bhakti yoga is best recognized in the West through the chanting or kiirtan movement. Its focus is on developing love and devotion.