Spiritual & Social Philosophy

Tantric spiritual philosophy recognizes that the Supreme is one, and that the entire universe is created out of the waves of consciousness emanating from this singular Source. The diverse forms that make up this universe are the transitory transformations of part of the Infinite’s own cosmic “body”, flowing in a never-ending stream. Thus life and the universe never end, but parts of it are continuously being created and are continuously merging back into that Cosmic Consciousness or Brahma.

This philosophy also recognizes that the one desire common to all is the desire for ultimate happiness. As all phenomenon of the created world are transitory, happiness based in these is also transitory and can never meet that desire for happiness fully. Only through our attraction to the Great is that happiness realized. We also recognize that, as this desire is universal, the means to attain it are the birthright of all beings. All are the children of the same cosmic Source thus all are our brothers and sisters, no matter where we are born, how we look or think, what path we pursue or station we hold in life.

In Tantra social philosophy emerges out of this truth. If the means to attain Oneness with the Supreme or ultimate happiness is our birthright, then we are all responsible for helping each other find the means to undertake spiritual progress. If one goes hungry or has no shelter, how can he or she focus on meditation, for example? We must help society to change in such a way that all living beings are free to realize their highest potential. The philosopher and tantra yoga master, P.R. Sarkar gave PROUT as a socio-economic system that enables society to meet the fundamental physical, mental and spiritual needs of all.

The following quotes from P.R. Sarkar, also known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, expresses these truths:

Ananda Marga Madison, WI spiritual and social philosophy“God is the controller of that vital force which keeps the organisms alive. He is our friend who saves us from the jaws of calamities by His affectionate and tender touch. He exists everywhere. He is present about us sometimes as sound expression, sometimes as thought or emotion, and then again sometimes as individual entities. There is not a place in the universe where His Entity is not manifest. What we apparently take to be a void is also full of His Entity. He is even where the human intellect cannot reach, and where the imagination bounds back, thwarted and baffled. In the planetary world, it is His glory that shines as the sun. The backbone of the nervous system, the praising of the dead ancestors, the truth of the sages, the controller, the friend, the sun – are all these separate entitites? No, all is He, all is He, all is He.”

“Everyone should remember that when there is human body, then that human body by dint of its devotion, is able to attain the Supreme Stance, the Divine Stance. Nobody is inferior or superior to others; it is the birth-right of all humans to attain that non-attributional stance, which is the Supreme Goal, the Supreme Desideratum. There cannot be any distinction of caste, creed, race, or academic qualifications.”